The iconic Scottish thistle, instantly
recognised and loved all over the
world as the emblem of Scotland.

Alba Glass Thistles are handmade  by
John, and coloured by Anne, at their
Icefire Glass studio, not far from the
bonnie banks of Loch Lomond
, Scotland
and go to customers all over the world

From the romantic Loch Lomond Heart
thistle, and tiny thistles decorating
wedding horseshoes, to more functional
candlesticks and bottle stoppers.

There is a glass thistle for every special
occasion or celebration, or just a reminder
of your visit to one of the most beautiful
parts of Scotland.

Although they are glass,
we use a glass
called borosilicate, which is five times
stronger than window glass. So
we can
regularly post them all over the world.

Almost every piece is finished with a
variety of tartan and silk ribbons.

The finished thistle is boxed for you to
take with you, or can be posted anywhere
in the world.

Commissions from a one off pieces to
runs of 500 can be arranged. They make
ideal corporate gifts and wedding favours,
we can be contacted using the link above.

For more information, and links visit our
studio site.

Icefire Glass

or go to our VisitScotland.com facility.

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