Remember; every item is individually made, and
although similar to others of the same type, will vary
to a degree in colour and form.
NB* in multiple choice colour items repeat the
selection process for each colour, and although
we try to work from stock, a run of one colour may
exceed our store and delay dispatch.
We will endevour to keep you informed if this occurs.
Photographs can never give a full vision of the depth,
nuances or subtleties of our work.
So the images are as simple and honest as possible.

The work is artistic in nature and subjective, refunds
are totally at our discretion and judged individually.

Post in the UK is within 3 working days of despatch
(Ulster, Eire & Isles a little longer).
Problems should be emailed or phoned as soon as
possible, certainly within 12 days.

Delivery outside Europe we expect within 6 to 10
days from despatch.
With any problems reported to us inside 21 days of
We do not usually post Frday, Saturday or Sunday.

This online facility is geared for small orders up to
 2 kg in weight, for larger, or special orders it is
better to contact us directly by phone or email.
Do Not email card details.

Within the EU prices include Vat (sales tax),
currently 20% in the UK, but it is not due outside
and will be deducted from orders to USA, Canada,
Australia and New Zealand.

Scottish, UK, and EU consumer law governs.

Copyright is retained by Icefire Glass.